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24 July 2008 @ 04:37 pm
 Ow Ow Buggering OW.

Bloody dentists.

Two years (!) after getting my lower jaw fitted with a brace (the teeth on the lower jaw, that is, not the whole...oh, you get what i mean!), I have today been forced to have kindly given one on my upper jaw.
And it flippin aches. [/whining]

I will post again at some point in the distant future soon, to explain what I have been up to in the past month :D

On a final note (for now), may I please get down on my knees and grovel for the forgiveness of my darling (grin) Suzie. 

On July 10th
invisibleforest turned the Grand Old Age of

Reasons for my lateness will be coming soon. Hope you had a good one!!
Over and Out
L xxx
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24 June 2008 @ 06:56 pm

So guess where I was this past sunday? 

Only a BON JOVI CONCERT!!!! *dances* 

Woah, it was brilliant. i had such a good time!

But do you wana know something totally sickining? We could have gotten Access All Areas tickets - Matty, a friend on my dad's who helps out at the punk festival, is a trainee lighting engineer, and was shadowing Bon Jovi's lighting engineer - he even did the lighting for The Feeling! We got a call from him at midnight on our way back, which we didn't answer at the time, but it turns out he was asking for a lift home. 

Well, I'm glad we didn't give him a lift home! He could have gotten us the AAA tickets, but apparently didn't know we were going - but he remembered in time to ask for a lift home! 

*stomps foot* I could've met Jon Bon Jovi! 

Clearly, my friend Matthew is getting a slap next time a see him. :D:D 

Apart from that minor disappointment, the gig was FANTASTIC. I really want to go again - and can't stop singing BJ songs! The atmosphere was awesome, when BJ came on stage, and got the whole stadium on their feet singing Livin' on a Prayer! 

In other news - I HAVE OFFICIALLY FINISHED MY GCSEs!!!! LIKE OMFGBANANAS!! My leaver's assembly is tomorrow, and then prom on thursday - and after that, I am no longer a high school student! *dances* 

And then on the 5th - I am off to Gran Canaria! Things are looking up, methinks.
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13 June 2008 @ 09:33 pm

Warning: this post may conain some naughty words due to Lisa's reieved/overexited state.

Well thank f*ck for that. I DON'T HAVE ANOTHER EXAM UNTIL THE 23rd!!! WOOOOT!!!

I only had 2 this week, thank god for that: History paper2 and Geoggers paper2, so it wasn't too bad. History went rather better than I expected (I bow down to Miss Davies for explaining wtf Gallipoli was, and when, and why, and how, because that's what half the exam was about, and until Monday I had noooo idea what it was). I'm not expecting anything too great to come from either of these exams, but I defo did better than expected.

Last week, however, was a bitch. I had seven exams in four days, with revision classes in between (though I missed most of them because I was in so many exams *grumbles*)

So exams pretty much took my life for the past few weeks, so I haven’t really been able to post anything – not to mention that Live Journal is being REALLY slow, and I keep losing my entries whenever I try to submit them (I have resorted to writing this in Word, so I won’t be on the site for very long before I post…)

Nothing has gone too badly, so I’m not a complete nervous wreck. Err…yet. Lol. I’m in a complete split mind: in some ways, I can’t wait to get my results in August, but in other ways I’m totally dreading it *flails*.

Either way, I reckon August 21st is gonna come really quick.

In other news, I handed in my application for Matalan – or “Ma-alan”, seeing as people from around here (i.e.: me), as a general rule, do not pronounce their “T”s, at risk of sounding “posh”. Ahaha.

I have to admit, Duke of Edinburgh (omg I had to spell-check that…what a stupid word) and BHF voluntary work REALLY came in handy…

It’s really annoying though, because they do their interviews in July, but I don’t turn 16 until the 31st *grumbles*, and then the next round of interviews are usually in October/November. But OH WELL. Maybe my application will be so impressive that they’ll make some exceptions just for me (insert: SNORT).

But I think not.

I went to town today with Stace. I spent (ducks form mother) £20 on makeup, which will probably only be used for prom *dies*. I cannot believe I spent that much. But it’s only money..heh. Plus, I spent £12 on my sister’s bday prezzie (and then forgot to get her a card, and my dad one for father’s day) Note to Self: I owe Rach £4 also.

DAMMIT why do I never have enough money??? I need to get a job, quick.

Erm…I think that’s pretty much it. God, I’m sooo bad at keeping track of things I need to write about…


Guess what? It’s been almost a year since I posted a chapter of Battle to the End, which, I know, is not something to shout about (god, don’tcha hate authors who don’t update regularly), but anyway, I DO have something written that NEARLY resembles a chapter, and I’ve re-written my plan, and got everything sorted out for future chapters. Once everything’s done for this chapter, I need to see if my beta still knows who I am. I doubt she does, and if that’s true then I’m just minorly buggered, but all will be sorted, I’m sure :D lol.

That is all I have to say I suppose…TTFN!

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13 May 2008 @ 09:06 pm

Books came. They are teh awsomeness !!!!11!!!!one!!!

Ahem...yeah...yey for Twilight! *dances*

They are great so far, though I have only read the firs two in the series because mine got sent in...um...coughspanishcough. Not my fault, obviously *shifty eyes* *grin*. But the paperback of Eclipse doesn't come out until 3rd of July, so I'll just put it on pre-order from play.com (whey free postage), and it *should* arrive before the 5th, when I go on ma hols, so I can read that on the plane...

Anyway. I love Edward. I mean...helooo sexy Vampire! Bite me!


gotta go, my comps going haywire due to LJ, again *grumbles*

Lisa xxx
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06 May 2008 @ 10:52 pm

Greetings from Amazon.co.uk,

We thought you would like to know that the following items have been sent

Lisa Clement
Morecambe, Lancashire
United Kingdom

using Royal Mail.
(Oh GOOD. They'll arrive in...two weeks? lol)

Your order #202-9466471-7141940 (received 04-May-2008)
Ordered Title Price Dispatched Subtotal
Amazon.co.uk items (Sold by Amazon EU S.a.r.L.):

1 Eclipse £7.23 1 £7.23

1 Twilight £2.95 1 £2.95

1 New Moon £3.49 1 £3.49

Shipped via Royal Mail (estimated arrival date: 07-May-2008).

Subtotal: £13.67
Delivery Charge: £3.93
A ridiculous amount!
Total: £17.60  FAR TOO MUCH!

This completes your order.



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I was feeling very bored today. I've been revising for hours today because I got none done yesterday or Friday, on account of not feeling well (ie, my body fighting back as a put it through the ringer last week by going to bed at stupid o'clock every night and then having to get up at 7 every morning, to go to school where the teachers are being, lets be honest here, bastards)

Anyway. I got sick of science energy equations after several hours of practice, and so went nosing around trying to find a good book to read.

Guess what? FOUND ONE.

It is called
"Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer.


I have ordered it and it's two sequels (it’s a series, I dunno how many there will be all together). They cost me £17, including P&P! My poor, poor bank account...looking very empty lately...*shiftyeyes*. But it looks really good, according to the synopsis and several reviews I’ve read in various places. Yey for new discoveries!!


Clearly, I’m trying to find a new series to replace Harry Potter lol. But HP does hold a special place in my fangirl heart. Sorry Stephenie.


The first two (“Twilight” and “New Moon”) are supposed to arrive on the 6th May, though I doubt that very much seeing as it’s a bank holiday weekend, so we wont get post at all until Tuesday. The third book (“Eclipse”) will arrive when it feels like it, as it’s currently out of stock. *grumbles*


As it is currently on my mind, may I please interrupt this post to plug another vair vair vair excellent book?




This series of books are, in my lowly opinion, excellent. *does Stonewylde fan girl dance with stace* I got them for Christmas, after Stacey recommended them.


I would describe what they’re about, but because I’m frankly rubbish at explaining things, just click on the link and go to the website. First though, DO NOT be put off by the fact that it involves paganism - *shakes fist at stereotypes*


Now. What else was I going to talk about? Oh yes! Does anyone know anywhere I can get (hem hem):


·    New Icons for my LJ (I currently only have 8 out of 15 *fallsover*)

·    Any good places for new LJ skins (yes, I know I ask this question every time I look for a new skin…)


And that is all ;D


Can’t wait for my new books to arrive! *taps foot impatiently*


I can’t stop listening to “oom papa” from Oliver. Is that very weird? Lol. I’ve had it in my head since my mum was watching “I’d do anything” on TV earlier. It’s such a legend of a song…


There's a little ditty they're singin' in the city, ‘specially when they've been on the gin or the beer…”

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I received a very interesting letter today. 


The first thing that caught my eye was the big fat UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE at the top, and automatically got me thinking OMGWTFBANANAS?!


Charlotte, the Student Services Manager (the lady who looks after all the 6th formers lol) explained about the importance of Business in the world, and how you can get on a wage bigger than your average footballer (once again, cue an OMGWTFBANANAS). Not easily, mind you, but still. 


You gotta admit, that certainly attracts your attention ahaha. Anyway, she went on to explain that Cambridge Uni do these Summer Schools where students in year 11 who are predicted 5 As or above at GCSE, and come from "less privileged" backgrounds (big ego boost there), get a chance to visit Cambridge and take part in a "Business Challenge", and see what University life is like.

I've never really been interested in Business, and didn't take business studies at GCSE level, but that apparently doesn't matter. And even if you weren't looking into a career in the City, if you get accepted it will look really good on your CV, and help you get into any other Universities or courses.



Apparently, you have a better chance of getting in if your close family hasn’t been to Uni. Whey!


It looks like such a good opportunity, I’m gonna go for it. I just have to think of my reasons for wanting to do it, in less than 150 words. Damn, I never know what to say on those sorts of things. I always turn out sounding like a total weirdo.


*fingers crossed I get accepted*




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28 April 2008 @ 07:37 pm
Lisa --

A dance involving little to no clothing
'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com


Sounds good to me!

EDIT: Hmmm...this seems not to be working...um...just highlight the invisible text in the white box, I'm too BUSY to be fixing things.

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26 April 2008 @ 01:14 pm

Bonjour LJ pals, and people who may be silently reading this,

Wow, It's been ages since my last post. Again. Oops :)

Well, a lot seems to be happening right now, in school anyway. I'm in year 11, so most of my friends in my year (inc. me, lets be honest here) is on he brink of going totally stressoid, and barricading ourselves in our rooms and refusing to go to school.

Ok, slight exaggeration there, but my dear teachers are really starting to pile on the pressure. For example, my homework for this week includes:


·          TWO science practice papers, one chemistry and one biology, AND revision Q’s for a Bio section of your choice (um, how about if I choose “none”)

·          Revise the whole of the Vietnam section for History, and prepare for a practice exam on Tuesday

·       Maths: revise a whole long list of things that I just do not understand

·         Geography: Population – finish revision booklet and practice questions

·          Re-read Lord of the Flies for English, and memorise key scenes and quotes so they can be found easily during the exam

·          Prepare for DT exam (note to self: DO NOT lose the exam prep sheet)

·          General revision of everything else


So basically, my head will have fallen off by the end of next week.


To be honest, I am surprisingly calm right now, but I don’t think I will be in a fortnight. My first exam is on the 14th May, and the last on the 23rd June. Leaver’s assembly is on Wed. 25th, and Prom on the evening of 26th.


Omg, this is so scary: In 2 weeks and 4 days my exams start (note to self: orthodontist in the morning as well, DO NOT FORGET), in 8 weeks, my exams will be over, and in 4 months I will get my GCSE results, and just after that I’ll be in 6th form.


Whoa, is this growing up? Lol


I had to make a decision on what I’m doing for 6th form the other day, because Mr Conway (the head of 6th form, AKA my DT teacher, AKA "Conners") is trying to make tameable option grids that will suit everyone (an easy task, I think not) and so he asked me what my options were. Scarybananas! For a second, if someone were to have taken a picture me, I would have looked like a dear cought in the headlights. Next year, if my results allow, I will be taking Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Studies and Design. I keep going from thinking “yes I am sure this is what I want to do, don’t be silly” to “You stupid girl, why oh WHY did you choose Chemisty/Biology/Enviro Studies/Design??”. But I choose to ignore the latter, because that half of my brain makes life much more stressful. But really, I think I’ll do good on these options, so that’s how they’ll stay :D


I listened to an original song called "Okay" by [info]mudblood428 before (hope you're having a merry ol' time in Scotland/England/Wales, V, wherever you're visiting today), and all I can say is “whoa”. It was so totally inspiring, and made me feel really positive about the future. You gotta go for the things that you want in life, not just take the easy road. So that’s my new outlook on life. (I just need to work out what exactly I want to do). .

On that slightly philosophical note, I shall go. Keep in touch, people!

love and stuff <3

Lisa xxx

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09 March 2008 @ 07:31 pm

Hey guys!

If anyone's interested, check out Living2 at 9o'clock tonight - my good ol' hometown of morecambe is on Most Haunted tonight. The old theatre (the Grand Theatre) is apparently haunted, and is being featured on the show. 

It'  exiting,people. EXITING!!

Lisa xxx

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